GCC Christmas Quiz

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  • by Jane,
    I will definitely be walking off some of those christmas calories gained this year, wishing you a very merry Christmas and a Very Happy New Year :-)
  • by Steven D'Halla,
    GCC is the great thing ever happened to me by walking 10,000 to 15,000 steps on daily bases could improve your health and make you cheerful as well.<br/><br/>My thanks & Merry Christmas to the Great GCC Team for organising such an event world-wide.<br/><br/>Steven D'Halla<br/>Architect, Public Works, Dept of Finance & Services, Baulkham Hills, NSW, Australia.<br/><br/>
  • by Carolyn Bennett,
    I love Christmas time - it's my one chance of the year to have time to do some stress free walking and doing it for me not because I feel I should squeeze it in my working week. Bring it on. PS I've enrolled in a 6 mile cross country run on the 2nd January ...can't stop! got to go training!!!
  • by John,
    Loved some of those options
  • by Karen,
    Hahaha...that was hard. Merry Xmas to all of you and the GCC team. Thanks for a great intro to the GCC. I will definately be back for more next year.
  • by Les Watson,
  • by Billy Collins,
    Thanks for the info. I hope everyone at GCC and the teams from GCC have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
  • by Shelagh Poolie,
    This is a great reminder of how to safely navigate through the Holiday Season.
  • by Grant Ravenstein,
    Nice work, GCC. Gave me a chuckle!<br/>Let's all come back here and comment here how many steps we manage on christmas day.
  • by Rosie,
    Great effort - some reinforcement therapy!
  • by Bernadette,
    10,000 steps on Christmas day....how many G&T's is that? Happy Holidays everyone!
  • by Andreas,
    Very nice quiz. Good tips to come healthy over the christmas time. I've laughed over the whole quiz cause of the very funny other answers.<br/><br/>Great work !!!
  • by terry hong,
    every body have a happy xmas and a prey for those less fortunate than us
  • by Deepti,
    Merry Xmas to all of you!!!
  • by Elaine,
    Chrissy Pud, pies, chocolates, looks like i'll be walking for most of next year Merry Christmas
  • by Jagadish M K,
    Happy Chirstmas, eat well, work out well and stay healthier.<br/>Cheers.
  • by Samwel Orwa,
    Wishing you all a Marry Christmas
  • by Evgeniya,
    I'd like to meet Santa! :-)))
  • by Susie,
    But I love mince pies! Looks like I'm walking a few steps this Xmas!<br/><br/>Merry Xmas all