GCC is taking activity measurement to a whole new level. The GCC Pulse uses accelerometer technology to track daily activity. Containing the latest 3D sensor it will accurately detect movement in a precise, consistent and reliable way.

The GCC Pulse is engineered for simplicity, so there’s no setup, no recharging, no software. And that means - no hassle.

In the weeks leading up to the GCC start date, every participant will receive:

  • 2 x GCC Pulse devices
  • Introductory booklet
  • 12 month website access
  • Motivational emails
  • Access to the Global Community forum

Although the GCC Pulse will remain the preferred choice for many of you, we understand that there are those who prefer to use their own device. For more information please visit our device FAQs’.

Total Flexibility

You can clip it, pocket it or bag it for total flexibility. As well as the recommended position on your belt or waistband, your GCC Pulse can also be clipped to any other area of clothing or your bag.

Wear it anywhere and most importantly remember to wear it everywhere to capture all incidental activity in your day.

Everything Counts

The GCC Pulse is designed and calibrated to accurately record activity in many different ways. So, when it comes to getting more active with the GCC Pulse, every activity is rewarded.

For the duration of the Challenge, swimming and cycling distances are converted on the step entry page of the GCC website.

Battery Replacement and Disposal

We've put a lot of work into designing the GCC Pulse, and we built it to last. However, if you think the battery has gone flat or see an error message, first try pressing and holding the reset button for 4 seconds. If that doesn't solve the issue, pull out your spare, and contact us for more information about fixing your old one.

Important Information

The GCC Pulse is not designed to be submerged in water so please do not wear when swimming or showering.

You will be supplied with two GCC Pulses so you always have a spare.

If you are not using your spare we recommend leaving the plastic battery guard in place.